Want to be a Guru?

Think teaching kids to program video games sounds cool?

You're right, it is!

Real Programming 4 Kids is always seeking the next Guru. Could it be you?

To apply, send us a resume, along with a cover letter (or YouTube clip) explaining what makes you the perfect Guru: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

But wait! What's a Guru?

Gurus are the type who...
  • Get a thrill out of teaching and helping kids achieve their goals.
  • Inspire kids with positive energy and a super hero's work ethic.
  • Love tackling new problems and don't back down from tough challenges.
  • Are extremely outgoing and well spoken.
  • Are incredibly reliable, dedicated, and punctual.


What Do I need to be a Guru?
  • We look for a bright, outgoing, charismatic person who would make a great teacher. The type of person that naturally goes the extra mile to help kids understand.
  • You need to know how to program. A typical Guru is a Post-Secondary student in Computer Science or Engineering, although we always welcome graduates.


How often would I work as a Guru?
  • Summer Gurus work full time from late June until mid August.
  • School season Gurus work one or two weeknights and Saturday each week.
  • Summer camps make a great Coop placement!