Real Programming

Not a typical Tech Camp!

We're thrilled to see so many fun video game design camps being offered these days. However, most camps use drag and drop game making software, requiring minimal programming knowledge.

We have a different approach.

RP4K teaches kids how to use real industry standard programming software just like the pros, and work with real languages like Visual Basic, PYTHON, Java, C# and C++

We're proud of our long track record of providing a rich and challenging learning environment for all skill levels, with all the fun of video games.


Real Math

Recognize this Equation?

b = (I.x * N.x + I.y + N.y) * N

Kids in our Advanced classes do! It's just some of the math they'll work with to make lasers bounce off walls, hereos climb up ladders and asteroids explode into space.

Without math, video games wouldn't exist. All of our courses apply math from simple counting of integers right up to 3D vectors and trigonometry.

Each course is like a hidden math lesson. Who knew math could be this fun?


Real Instructors

Who are the Instructors?

Each RP4K "Guru" is a Post-Secondary student, specializing in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Our Gurus are able to give students the inside track on what to expect as a programmer in High School and beyond.

RP4K has a long track record of helping students achieve amazing results in their Post-Secondary programming careers.

In fact, some of our own students became so good at programming, they became our instructors!


Real Fun!

Why Video Games?

Teachers often say it's tough to compete with video games. So we don't. We use them to a student's advantage.

Creating a video game offers the most complete application of problem solving, math, artistic creativity and communication skills imaginable.

But let's face it, when you're a kid you just want to have fun! Our classes are informal and relaxed, but most of all, FUN!